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GSX auto door on 2R

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On 12/11/2019 at 9:49 PM, phlpeo said:

i have modified the gsx profile to use the catering truck on door 2R but it wont auto open or close like door 1R. is it possible to also add that behavior to door 2R as well. 


Hi Sir!


Okay, i´ve just tried this myself, and it really does not seem like an option. There is only 2 service doors on the right hand side of the aircraft in the GSX customize settings.

But I'm pretty sure that if it actually is possible, it wouldn't be easy.


Many Greetings

MAN/Marc J. Nielsen

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

This means a lot of additonal coding - especially for the A330 - e.g. first the gsx.cfg has to be checked which door is defined for catering and then to add this option - result also to the Immersion.dll (which handles the door opning and closing). As you are the only one until now asking for this option (auto closing and opening  of FWD2 RIGHT) and there are a lot of issues whith a much higher priority I am sure it will not be realized.




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