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Lighting Issue on Main / Centre Pedestal


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I've just done a flight but was struggling to get the lighting on how it should? As you can see both the panels are so bright and I can't find where I can changer the lights to make them how the panel should be during a night flight.

Also where I change my ALT and various bits is impossible to read. I'd appreciate any help or advice on this matter


Not sure If I've posted this into the right Forum section for the A330







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it turned out that tweaking wont help anymore for the latest PBR models from you (what means i was wrong in the other thread about lighting). I only tested the CRJ and the A330 but it seems that the standard way to tweak VC colors (ambient and diffuse lighting) does not work for those 2. I will try MD80 and pmdg 737 later, who both also have PBR vc.


Normally one could (and still can for lets say the PMDG 747 and others) go to Toamtoshade into section Lighting -> Aicraft lighting & saturation and set values for ambient and diffuse light to make the VC brighter or darker etc. This whole section does nothing for the A330 sadly and everything is way too dark.


That being said, im not sure i fully understand OPs problem. What you mean by "get the lighting on how it should"? Im not sure if this is a problem about shaders or you simply didnt turn down the flood light?


There are 3 main light switches. One is on the upper panel. Better said its split into 2 here. 1 switch changes between Dim, Bright and storm and the one right left to it turns it on or off. I think you may have this still active.


Then there are 2 floodlight knobs on the atc panel. One on left side and one on the ride sight. Look for "Flood" written there.

Im not in sim and cant post pics atm. I think you find it. The one on upper panel is a bit to the right, bottom of the panel and the 2 on atc panel are next to the seat, left and right side.


If i misunderstood please tell me what your expected result should be ^^ @jay907uk

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22 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

I meant what is shown on page 40. Also note that if you use non standard shaders you will need to tweak a lot more as you sim will then display colors we cannot predict. 

Sorry to ask this is it has already been asked,  can you pull up the user manuals on the EFB?

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