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Can`t Retract Flaps

Thomas Ammann

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vor 6 Minuten, Mathijs Kok sagte:

Not that I know. are you using F keys or clicking in the VC? And are you sure that after take-off the conditions are correct to retract the flaps?


Im using a Button of my Joystick (X52 Pro), yeah im sure that the conditions are correct to retract the flaps. Same after Landing. i can retract the Flaps without a problem to position 2 but i cant fully retract

vor 3 Minuten, DaveCT2003 sagte:

That is usually a flaps AXIS calibration issue.  You can also assign a button or switch to Extend/Retract Flaps Incrementally, but that won't fix the axis calibration.




Its working fine with all other Aircrafts like: PMDG , Aerosoft A320, Fslabs A320 and QW 787

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