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Excessive Fuel use

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as usual. If something doesn‘t work everybody is crying. Today I want to give you a positive feedback about the newest version I could successfully do my flight from Bogota back to Munich yesterday. At that flight I load the fuel and the weights like simbrief with the A330 profile calculated.

I didn‘t run out of fuel or recognized  impossible temperatures or wind values.


Now I‘m happy with the behavior of the aircraft.


Best regards


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Just completed a flight from Madrid to San Juan.


Simbrief spat out 59.4 tons block fuel, using the Aerosoft Fuel Planner logically gave me different values, but I fueled up with the figures I had received before.

In addition, SB gave me an estimate remaining fuel of 9.1 tons upon arrival.


With recent wind updates throughout the route, I ended up with 10.3 tons at the gate.


So all good on my side, this was actually my first flight with the A330 since I bought it in December. 

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Happy to report similar.

Flight MEL-HKG  8.7 hrs.

Using PFPX it calculated 8.0t arrival fuel.  Result 7.9t


This A330 has been transformed after the fix.


Well done, guys.


Jock McIntyre

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