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A330 Entering Flight plan

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Good Evening All!


First off, wow... This airplane is impressive at first glance and I am not off the gate as of yet. 


I am pref flighting right now to start a regional hop from CYYZ and when I go to initiate entering flight information, I enter CYYZ/KRSW and it asks me to enter the grid coordinates of KRSW as if the airport is not in the database, so I switched to KRSW/CYYZ and it wont acknowledge CYYZ in the system now but does admit that KRSW is there. Is this something anyone else is seeing? 

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If you are using Navigraph, then you need to make sure that option is checked in the configurator and then make sure you run your navdata installer so that aircraft has the latest database installed.  I was having the same issue as the OP until I realized that I needed to install the navdatabase from Navigraph.

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