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Your first flight in 330?


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I've tested with a short hop from Vancouver to Seattle-Tacoma and produced a super-hard landing with 3.5 g and a "print of shame" from the cockpit printer. :D That leads me to the question: Which experiences did you guys make with hand-flying the A330 so far? After take-off I had no major issues, but handling it on final approach is really tough for me. On the lateral axis (i.e. for descending and climbing) it seems to react very sensitively to joystick inputs, albeit with a slight delay (which makes handling it even more difficult) while on the longitudinal axis (i.e. for flying turns) it reacts super sluggish and slow. Or is that only my experience? My plane was not very heavy, I used the default "take-off state" of the aircraft with approximately 25 tons of fuel.


I'm sure interested whether that corresponds to the real aircraft's flight model as well. Which would be a surprise to me, since even the larger and heavier 747 is much smoother to fly also on final approach. And even in the 777 I didn't have that kind of difficulty so far.

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My first flight was Tuesday where I took a real world flight that uses a 767 and subbed in the A330 flight number ACA1245 CYYZ-TNCM. This was done mainly as the approach and landing would have to be manual to test the handling of the plane. Flight went beautifully as long as I left the EFB alone. The EFB patch actually came out while I was mid flight. So was done post flight. Landing required finesse but was a good one. Center line in the TDZ and stopped just prior to the second from the last turn around. I use FlyTampa for my sceneries  at both locations and the FPS was fluid and smooth 30+ FPS on the ground. I also had Active Sky running so the landing had about 7-10KT variable crosswind. Just prior to touchdown it was at 10KT.


Excellent plane so thus far,



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First flight from Honk Kong to Nadi. The simulation was remarkable coming from a virtual pilot who dislike flying Airbuses. I can't believe the FPS with a detailed virtual cockpit like this. The sweet hum of the turbines just by the push of a little throttle is enjoyable and ESPECIALLY the heavy feeling of this bird made this ten hour and four minute trip wonderful and also learned couple of things along the way.





Tyrone Headlam









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