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EDDK Config Tool - way to go Aerosoft !!!

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Bought EDDK some time ago but haven't had time to try it out until today when I did a fairly short hop from EGHI.


I liked what I saw already after I landed even when I thought some of the textures could have been a bit sharper. I also noticed all the static aircraft and thought to myself "OK, time to do some WED editing...again...". I then figured before doing this, I would check out the documentation and also see what else might be included with the prooduct. And found the config tool...


SUPER THANKS for including this with the scenery !!! This is just what I would like to see for all X-Plane scenery products going forward! And I hope we'll see more of it both from you as well as other developers going forward as X-Plane becomes a more and more popular platform for lots of people.


As the topic says, way to go Aerosoft and Jo, you're leading the way for payware X-Plane scenery !!

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