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ALTS CAP mode missing + no MACH hold FMA

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EDIT: Can a kind mod please move this to autoflight section of the CRJ forum. Apologies!



Again this might be user-error on my part but here goes:


  • Is it planned to replace the flashing green "ALTS" FMA indicator when pre-selected altitude is captured to the "ALTS CAP" sub mode? (this mode is not an armed mode so it's never shown in white)
    • Same logic would apply when you push the ALT button. ALT CAP is followed by ALT after altitude capture.




  • When climbing in IAS XXX (observe: not in CLB XXX) and passing auto changeover altitude of 31.600ft the display should be MACH . XX (and vice-versa)I am unable to see this transition on my FMA?  
    • "The vertical mode indicator displays the following during autopilot hold:
      ● IAS XXX—IAS hold
      ● MACH .XX—Mach hold

    • Auto Changeover
      Changeover between speed and mach occurs automatically as the aircraft ascends or descends through 31,600 feet. A climb in IAS

      mode is shown as IAS XXX. At 31,600 feet, the reference is automatically switched to MACH .XX."


Sorry for my posts about attopilot and AP status annunciators. But I really like the AS CRJ and want it to be as accurate it can be within the confines of P3D....also when Aerosoft slapped  the "professional"-tag on this product, I think  it's a fair expectation to have the AP of the CRJ faithfully simulated.

Have a great day everyone!

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