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CRJ Pro: Weather radar and TCAS.

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1. I use ASP4 Activesky. But I don't see any weather return. The test pattern also does not display. I selected TEST mode on the WXR panel. Am I missing anything?

2. To see TCAS TFC, what will I have to do? I selected ATC to No. 1.


Haseen Ahmad.

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1) WXR Test is not implemented. You will only see weather returns when there actually is weather. Switch it to WX and move the aircraft to an area that has a SIGMET on the map in Active Sky.


2) Did you also press the TFC button on the left side panel?

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You can believe it there will be weather:

ActiveSky (Flightplan inserted)

Ignore the yellow line please





You will see other traffic only within 10nm distance to your Aircraft.

My question about this, why only 10nm instead of 40nm as usual, Hans could not answer yet 🙂



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