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fuel counter in FMS perf page and engine starts

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I am a active CRJ instructor for Jazz.

Thank you for the CRJ pro. 

The problems on the crj x editions are all in the pro editions. FMC perf page the fuel is not decreasing like in the real airplane and the engine starts are unrealistic, it take 40 seconds to start in the real airplane.


would it be possible to repair those problem. I did report them in the other crj x.


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yes when you initialized the fms in perf section you enter the ramp fuel. When you start the APU  or engines it is connected to the fuel flow. 


in other words, the total fuel displayed in fuel tank always matches the fuel in the perf init page.


thank you 

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What jalexb88 is mostly accurate - the fuel does tick down on the perf page, but it isn't perfectly accurate in the real plane. It's not locked to the fuel gauges, and the FMS fuel burn doesn't perfectly match the engines real fuel burn.


It tends to drift on longer flights, often goes to 200lb difference between FMS and Fuel Gauge on longer flight

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