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Repaint to dds with nvidia dds plugin

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27 minutes ago, jugobetrugo10 said:

Ok thank you , i will try it but if i will not get it run  can  i send you the psd data ?


Sure. Upload it to DropBox (or similar) then PM me the link. BTW - you didn't answer my question(s) about PS and plugin versions <?>.




P.S. In case you're not even getting the DDS plugin screen - it appears when you try to save the file as a DDS file.

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I'm sorry - I'm afraid I've forgotten 99% of the German I learned at school :(


I think if you set the plugin as you see it in the screenshot, you should be OK. All the other values you might get if you click on the various/other boxes can be left as they are (default).


There are plenty of saving/DDS help videos around on YouTube - try Googling around a bit (it's what I did!).


Best of luck!



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