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Minimum fuel to Alternate

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I creating my custom OFP using the Jetplan flight plan (using LAN Airlines format). I need to know which field type can I use to calculate the MDF: fuel and time.


According to our Jetplan OFP manual, MDF means the minimum fuel to go to the alternate airport which is the sum of trip fuel from destination airport to alternate airport and alternate hold fuel. Based on the attached photo, the MDF is as follows below for clearer understanding:


ALTERNATE   03504    01.25

HOLD ALTN   01200    00.30

MDF               04705    01.55


I read through the PFPX OFP manual but I didn't see anything that would satisfy the MDF calculation. Any suggestions??



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2 hours ago, srcooke said:

<&AltnXFuel> = Alternate TripFuel+HoldFuel


Ok. I'll give that a shot. Its going to calculate the hold fuel over the alternate airport and not over the destination airport, right??

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