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EGNT XP11 issues

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I’ve noticed EGNT has no PAPI lights at either end, day or night. I’ve opened a ticket and am waiting for a reply.


The info states the scenery has custom approach lights...


Ian Bowden

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Approach lights are not PAPI lights ;)


But you're still right, the PAPIs are missing.


Copy this file apt.dat into your Earth Nav Data folder in the scenery package and overwrite.


Will officially be included in the next update though.

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Hi guys, 


Twenty years i waited for an EGNT Newcastle International Airport  "PAYWARE VERSION ", 


Up here in the Northeast of England we tended to be overlooked on airport releases. the Londons , Manchesters ect ect being well catered for !. ( releases I own too )


So when EGNT was released by yourselves it was a no brainer ... reach for the payment card immediately  ( admittedly bought through "Just flight" this time ). 


Then shock horror  !!  "NO PAPI LIGHTS  !!! "   this cant be true not from Aerosoft ?.


 Free ware versions have PAPI Lights !! check after check i made on comp scenery pack ini ect ect without a solution.


Then i arrive here in search of solution and low and behold a "FIX" in the form of apt.dat file,  Hoo-ray big smile,,, sadly a download/ repair which has since been blocked !!!


Two months later after the first Post made by IanB3 there is still no Update , Fix or apt,dat file, to resolve the Papi lights issue.


Am i looking in the wrong place is there a fix / update i can download somewhere ??


Aerosoft having been a customer with you for many years i truly am shocked you let this slip through the quality control, 


Still your testers did see and pass the approach lights ok,  and gave us a runway centre line to aim for !!!! !!! !!! WOW


Come on Aerosoft ......   keep up the  standards please .



Yours truly,   dismayed, shocked and  dis-appointed,


Neville.   ( EGNT )







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vor 21 Stunden , Nev sagte:

Yours truly,   dismayed, shocked and  dis-appointed,


If the papi light fix is the only thing to make you happy again then it's your lucky day:


It is available somewhere but as I couldn't find it quickly see the attached file. Replace it in the Earth nav data folder of the scenery.


The official update is already in the works...


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Thanks Marten ,

I ll try and track it down 😉.


If I'm unsuccessful finding it I'll just have to be patient I suppose .. what's a month or two wait  after twenty years for a real Payware edition.

Ps ... Papi or No papi lights it's still a great rendition esp being my home base airport .


Thanks again ,



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Hi Marten,


If only you could see my smile :-),



Thanks ever so much



Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (17).png

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