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Mapping PEDAL DISC to button


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Thanks - works perfectly!


One question in that context: Would it be possible in future updates to allow also to map it directly to the tiller axis provided by P3D (instead of throttle 3)? The reason: if you calibrate the axis via FSUIPC, you have an option for setting a slope. This means you can get more precise steering in the middle and more deviation on the extreme sides for example. For a throttle axis this slope setting works different compared to the tiller axis or the rudder axis. FSUIPC only manipulates the curve right of the zero point.  If you have FSUIPC, you can check the difference. Due to the nature of the slope of a throttle axis, this feature cannot be used for the tiller mapped via a throttle axis.


But the original problem is solved. Thanks for the quick reaction. I really overlooked that variable in the long list.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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