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nearly one year i have the CRJ now and still not understand  how the CRJ MANAGER works


i use simbrief has the flightplan, it says 4392 lbs block fuel, ...i put this in the crj manager fuel on board, clic calculate

crj manager says 2756 lbs fuel on board and 2751 lbs block fuel,  there is something i dont understand  here how come its not the same


i put the exact amount in DAVE  so crj manager not the same as dave and not the same as simbrief.  even if i

put the same amount in the fuel and payload fsx its not the same. i am really mixed up with this again and again.


witch one is good, dave, crj manager, simbrief, or fsx fuel and payload. its all mix up here.


I want to fly CYUL to CYHU how can i know witch fuel and payload is the good one.


i follow everything by the book and still not working as it should


thank you again

lucien paquette






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vor 16 Stunden , lucienpa sagte:

I want to fly CYUL to CYHU how can i know witch fuel and payload is the good one.


I´m shure there is a missing Information from your side or do really want to plan a 14nm flight?



Well, we know there are differences between CRJ Manager and Dave but I have all my flights planned with the CRJ Manager and never run out of fuel 🙂

Important for a proper Fuel calculation is the Flight Distance complett with SID and STAR or Transition not a Point to Point (CYUL-->CYHU) calculation.

This can explain the differences between Simbrief and CRJ Manager. 




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