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Hi everyone

I have a big problem with my CRJ.
I use it with P3Dv4.5

My max Cruise Level is approx FL240 and i think its a little bit to low. My Cruise speed was very low at this level and i had 100% Power settings.
If i leave FL240 to FL210 IAS will increase and it will work propper again.
First tought i was to heavy loaded but i tried without cargo and Pax (Loadmanager by CRJ).
Same problem
PFPX gave me a Cruise Level of 270!

Is that normal FL for CRJ?

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If you did not turn on the anti ice and colleacted a couple of tons ice on your aircraft this might be a normal level.

You will have iced up and thus lost performance.

Normal cruise levels and performance of the CRJ are comparable to other jet airliners like the 737.

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I have looked once and I come with a Take Off Weight of about 33to (CRJ900) loosely up to FL350.

Of course, the climb rates are no longer outstanding so from FL250, but so with 1300-900ft/min it continues to climb.



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I tried to go higher but my IAS decrease to 140ktn and AOA to high that i going into a descent with max Powersetting. AT FL240 i going out of descent an can increase my speed. Now i`m on FL210 with IAS 240 and Setting MAN.

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Are you using a weather engine, if so is it in 'live' mode.


What is the reported SAT

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I have the same issue with p3d 4.5 h2




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2 hours ago, Detlef Krueger said:

2019-11-1_18-4-21-411.thumb.jpg.c89ef81e5ed4d6f8733ce3ff4a2afd87.jpgSAT -32 at FL260





climb end at FL270 IAS 200 SAT - 39 TAS 303
ZFW is 31270kg (load Manager)

In the photo above, your selected managed climb speed is 199 knots at FL 270. That is much to low for that altitude. The aircraft is pitched up almost 5 degrees, which would mean that the angle of attack is too high, the drag from the wings would be too high. You are on the back side of the engine power curve, and in this situation, the engines would have to put out almost maximum power just hold current altitude.


At higher altitudes, the wings of the CRJ are designed to be most efficient (maximum lift and minimum drag) at indicated airspeeds around 280-300 knots. At altitudes above FL 200, you should never let your airspeed drop much lower than 270 knots,


The speed climb mode is designed to use aircraft pitch to hold whatever indicated airspeed existed at the the mode was engaged. The rate of climb will vary based on how much engine thrust is being produced. Assuming your power levers are set in the normal climb mode setting, the rate of climb you get will be dependent on air temperature and aircraft weight.


In any case, if climbing in speed mode, you must accept whatever rate of climb you get - you should never try to directly control rate of climb by decreasing airspeed. In speed mode that will indeed make the nose pitch up, but that won't make you climb faster - it will just cause drag to increase enormously, which will stop any further climb, and put you in serious danger of stalling.


I say this on the assumption that the speed index on the PFD is at 199 knots because that is where you set it. If it dropped down there by itself (without you turning the speed knob), then there is a bug in the aircraft of some sort.


I have always had success by climbing in speed mode at 250 knots until passing 10,000 feet, then dialing up the speed to 290 knots. The aircraft climb rate will drop off for a few moments as the nose pitches down to accelerate to the new speed, then climb will resume.


Jim Barrett





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Detlef, please read the tutorial flight again.

On your screenshots I see some issues like:

APU door is still open

APU Gen switch is still on

All Anti Ice switches are on! 

This cost a lot of power. Switching off will increase N1. 82-83% are too less during climb. 

Above FL150 I switch Anti Ice off.

How about the Fuel pump switches?





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