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A look back in time


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Yesterday I stumbled on an old version of Flightplan Visualizer that I had on an external hard-drive. Today that old version was exactly 2 years old (to the date). I started up that old version and took a screen-shot (see below) at that time the program only consisted of a main form showing the map, and since there were no other forms the tool-tip contained a lot more info about each airport. It was like the current version based on the output from MakeRunways (by Peter Dowson), and all info regarding airports came from there. As there were no flightplans, it could only show a marker for each airport, and a manually edited XML-file contained the ICAO-codes of the airports to highlight whith a "big" marker:




A lot have changed since that version, and I still have a lot of things I would like to implement.

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