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Hi Aerosoft


 Just wondering do you have any plans at looking into improving way the A318-321 holds at all?...reason is during the CTP event on Vatsim the other day i flew from EIDW to EGKK in the Aer Lingus CFM 320 , i was routed off the route for an Enroute Hold over MCT at FL290, the Airbus had problems holding as the drawn hold kept on changing in shape .. small to large , this resulted in the Airbus changing its path to follow the small hold and large one .... this was noted by ATC who asked me to confirm i was holding correctly..(holding was set as 090/R) , i noticed the speed of the hold in the FMC was changing from holding speed to crz speed so this may be why the drawn Hold was changing in shape.




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PLS also check holding entry procedures so we don't have to fly them manually.........

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