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IFPS: this resource has been removed

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I am refering to the follwoing closed thread:

I did actually not understand what the problem is and saw no official statement form Aerosoft. Can an administrator please inform us about the exact way to fix that problem? I keep geting an error as soon as i validate my flights. Thanks for a clear info about what to do.


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But all answers are given in the linked topic.


EUROCONTROL closed the formerly public interface PFPX used for the validation. So this feature is not available anymore. You need to do the validation manually as stated in that topic.


Copy&Paste your ACT flight plan into the free text editor that can be opened on the linked EUROCONTROL webpage:







That's it. A EUROCONTROL feature that was used by PFPX is no longer available anymore, therefore the PFPX feature is also gone.


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