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How will MSFS commercially work? Abo-system and buying addons in a shop?

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MSFS will be a abo-system, I think that's clear (no version number / no year in the name).

And than you can buy addons in a MS-shop?


How does this fit together?

1) If you finish your abo then your addons are lost?

2) You pay MS /Asobo für continiuously developping the flightsim MSFS (like Office 365). Who guarantees that your addons will work in future or will be developed as well?


Or will you "rent" your addons in the MS-shop?

Then the developers have to wait a long time to get their money for their hard work.


Understand what I mean?

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All good questions, and I can think about 20 more than haven't been asked by the community.


But we will all have to wait until Microsoft provides this information my friend.  They are releasing regular updates on the MFS website at https://www.flightsimulator.com.


Also, it's going to be quite some time before you hear Aerosoft commenting directly on technical aspects of this new sim.


Best wishes!



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