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QNH turning by itself

Captain Fred97

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Flying today and the baro reference dial QNH starts to turn by itself at a high rate making a landing almost impossible. I noticed this when I switched on the APP button. Also, when the copilot calls for cabin signs, there is a loud clicking, like a switch on and off very rapidly, and the QNH dial was starting to move rapidly. How do I resolve this issue? Could this be a bug that interferes with my aircraft following the flight plan? I only have seen this with the A319.

I am using P3D version 4.5, and Airbus  I will try flying another Airbus from the collection and see if this issue starts again.

Any suggestions? Would uninstalling the software and reinstalling help or just reinstall the same bug or issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Just a suggestion, if you are using a weather program, try turning it off.

Are you using the latest P3DV4.5 hotfix? hotfix 2 was released on 09/26/19

Also make sure you update any software that coincides with the hotfix.

I.E. Active Sky has an update for the hotfix.

Happy landings

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This is an update to my original post: I just finished the same flight, KDTW to KMBS, a short 85 mile flight: the QMH did not turn by itself however, when the checklist calls for "cabin signs", there is a loud clicking like a switch turning on and off.

Also, the aircraft did not follow the flight plan, it did not capture the glide slope. I don't know if this is a bug or I am flying to low to capture it.

Thanks marvic, I wasn't aware of any hot fix. Will do immediately.

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