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Flight Sim Show 2019 Questions

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Hey guys, it's that time of the year where I start collecting questions for developers at the UK Flight Sim Show! The last two years I asked around different flight simulator communities for questions that you want the developers to answer and conducted interviews around them. So far we've done everything from unannounced ORBX Sceneries to FSLabs sneak previews. Feel free to tag questions to me here or preferably DM them to me so that I can keep track easier, I want to ask as much from you guys as possible.

Developers I will be speaking to for the following sims are:
- Laminar Research
- Magknight (Interview with my brother, yay! šŸ˜… )

- TFDi Design
- FlightSim Labs

Mixed Sim
- Just Flight
- Aerosoft (If they have a developer, last year they only had a publisher)
- REMEX Software/Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator
- Infinite Flight
- Honeycomb Aeronautical

Any questions you have will be greatly appreciated and very likely featured, for those that would like to catch up with last year's interview, you can find this here.

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