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Adjusting view to resize F-14B HUD

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I can't remember (and can't find in search) how to adjust the view/zoom/camera or whatever to get the F-14B HUD to display correctly in the VC. When I adjust the eyepoint back enough to see the front panel instruments the HUD stays large and I can only see the very center of it displayed.

Any help appreciated.



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This is what John told me:


I am not sure how the user is making adjustments, but I would recommend leaving the eyepoint in the same x,y,z position. If adjustments are desired, angular (e.g. pitch) or zoom adjustments should have no negative effects. Background information: 

The HUD symbology is sitting on an invisible plane ~30m in front of the aircraft, that is (or at least was) the only was to achieve collimation within the MSFS/P3D toolbox. It's so far away that no eyepoint adjustments in the cockpit can affect the 'zoom' of the HUD. It is truly collimated in that sense.
I believe what is happening is that moving the eyepoint in the cockpit can alter what can be see through the HUD frame; e.g. it's a panning issue not a zoom issue. It's been quite a while, but we put in a fair amount of effort to setup the eyepoint x,y,z position so that it was well aligned during normal flight and approach.
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