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Hi everyone,


Just wanna say thank you for all your hard work. I love aerosoft aircraft and scenery. thank you again. Just wanna ask about KSMF Sacramento Intl airport for P3d v4. It lacks in my sim. I have the freeware downloaded from avsim. it lacks detail and unfortunately he has it coded where u cant make modifcations to it like airline parking and reduce the gates to visibility "Normal" where he  has it at "Extremely Dense" for p3d scenery display. Was just wondering if KSMF is on track to be converted to P3d v4. Ive read where people say the FSX one works in P3d v4 if u created a dummy folder and then place it in by hand but they saying the ground textures are blurry/stuttery. Id rather wait and purchase a product from u guys that's meant to work & optimized for P3d v4. Just seeing how the development road map is for KSMF...


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