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Regarding the Honeycomb Shipment

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Dear Aerosoft,


I read that the first batch might be full already. Do we know if this is the case? Just wondering whether it is better to wait for next batch in that case.

Also. What would the estimated wait time be for the next batch (approx)?

Thanks in advance.


Also. Since the Throttle is still a year away. What is the suggested solution for Throttle? Can I eg use my throttle from my TM simultaneously with this Yoke? I am not used to advanced hw builds.


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1 hour ago, Tom A320 said:

You might want to take a look into this topic:




Perfectly fine answer. Except maybe(i might read that thread wrong but couldn't find this particular thing). Is it possible to use the TM Throttle while having the other yoke plugged in? I am no expert on how USB works.


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5 hours ago, Tom A320 said:

Of course it will be possible. Two totally different devices with two totally different sets of configurations in your simulator.


Ah ok thanx. That answers my question then.Not a hardware guy so I get confused sometimes about this. 

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  • Aerosoft

The name "prepayment" for none Germans is misleading. In Germany we have it called "Vorkasse" and it simply means that you pay by bank transfer. The order will only further processed once the money arrives on the shops bank account. 


So the English webpage as also the email you have received should have better used the term "bank transfer" instead of "prepayment". 


If you have already paid by credit card or PayPal you don't need to take any action now. 


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Hi and good morning. 

A couple of weeks ago i have moved to the States. Once i visit your homepage its redirecting me to US Homepage. Thats pretty fine. But if go to the hardware section in order to buy Honeycomb equipment, then i see the german homepage. So my question. Will that Honeycomb stuff will be available in the USA through your portal? 


Thank you very much..





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vor 17 Minuten, Marius Ellenbürger sagte:

Hi Pascal,


Hope you are doing well in the USA.

You have to switch from the US- to the EUR shop:



Best regards,

Marius Ellenbürger


Oh, does that mean you have no distribution in the States, so it will be shipped from germany? Is that correct?

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vor 20 Minuten, Marius Ellenbürger sagte:

Unfortunately we don´t have a direct distribution in the States yet. If you place the order on our website, it will be shipped from Germany..


Best regards,


Alright, thank you Marius. 



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