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VÆRØY X: issue with landing-lights on runway 07

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At the Værøy airfield, on runway 25, landing-lights illuminates both the ground and the runway correctly:



In the same place but in the opposite direction (runway 07), only the ground is illuminated by landing-lights, not the runway.



I suppose it's because of the sloped runway feature :(


Is there any way for the landing-lights to illuminate also runway 07?


My specs:
MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe + SP2
FTX Norway
SODE 1.6.3

ENVY_LOD_Terrain_Fix - installed


FSX display settings:

Level of detail radius: Large

Mesh complexity: 80

Mesh resolution: 2m

Texture resolution: 30cm

Scenery complexity: Very dense

Autogen density: very dense

Ground scenery shadows: off

Special effect detail: High


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