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Hi All, 


First of all I would like to say I really like the PFPX software. Thanks!!


I am trying to edit an OFP template and would like to have an (possibly abbreviated) NAV log of the ALTN fplan.

I have tried it with the <AltnNavLog> code but unfortunately that didn't work. Could anybody help me with this?


I have attached a screenshot of where I would like to insert it and of the (wrongly) edited code.


Thanks in advance! 


Kind regards,

Schermafbeelding 2019-08-30 om 14.16.00.png

Schermafbeelding 2019-08-30 om 14.15.32.png

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Maybe something like this:


<&Alternate1_Begin><&Altn1NavLog_Begin><&Awy:8> <&b><&FixIdent:9><&b> <&MT><&Altitude:7/R> <&GridMORA[2]:3> <&b><&FixFreq:6/L><&b>  <&TAS:3><&LegDist:5>    <&FuelRemaining[4]:6> /<&FuelUsed[4]:6> <&LegTime[8]:4/R>  <&TimeEllapsed[2]>
<&FIRChange[1]:7>  <&FixName:20> <&ISADev[1]:3> <&Wind:7> <&GS:3><&DistRem:5>  <&Altn1NavLog_End><&Alternate1_End>

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