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Lightning P3DV4.5 State of Play


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The system requirements on the product page in the shop give the answer to your question:




Source: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-x-steam/aircraft/1315/english-electric-lightning-f6?number=AS13635


The F6 is not compatible with P3Dv4.

The F53 is compatible with P3Dv4.2 (and above).


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Hi Flapper

    I think only the F6/53 downloads as fully functional in P3d v4.0 and above( up to 4.5 at present),   but the T5 and F3  only need two .dll files  replacing  and they are good to go . The fixed files are at the top of this forum.


 Dave R

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