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Flaps behaivor

Josh Drummond

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On departure, with any of the airbuses.  I set my flaps to 2.  I take off like normal, pull the throttle back to CLB.  Retract flaps to 1.  All of a sudden flaps are fully extended.  I have to use my mouse wheel to retract the flaps.  Then the aircraft starts behaiving like there's something wrong.  A/FLOOR is activated and the throttles stuck.  I have to deactivate the A/TH then move the throttles back to CLB.  Once I've moved the flaps back to 0 and reset, everything is normal again.  


FSUIPC flaps set to FSUIPC calibration.

I've also tried FS as normal axis with the same result.  I have even tried using the mouse wheel on the flaps to move them up and still they go full.  Why does this happen?

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Hello Josh!


Very sorry to hear that you're having difficulties.


We don't provide support for flight controls assigned via FSUIPC, but it works fine when properly setup.  Send a PM to user JackSwyr and he might be able to give you a hand with setting up FSUIPC.


For P3D assigned controls, did you also check the calibration for the flaps axis in P3D?  This is a common issue that is resolved by adjusting the flaps axis calibration. In fact, I had to disconnect and reconnect one of my controllers yesterday and I jumped into a flight without calibrating the axis and the same thing happened to me.  I paused the sim, adjusted the axis and it was back to normal.


Best wishes my friend.




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