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August's Screenshot Contest - SOMETHING - "General Aviation"

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General Aviation as we know it is part of the skeletal backbone within the aviation industry, as it encompasses some avenues without imposing too many restrictions that 121 Commercial and 135 Charter flying do:
1.  Flight Training,  Recreation flying, Bush and Cargo (non- Part 135) Ops are a few areas in which we se a strong presence of General Aviation.

Let's see your General Aviation spirit for this month's contest.


Blasting out of Darrington Field 1S2

Looking out over Washington State:- en-route to Anacortes

Parked at Anacortes 74S

Getting strapped in at ENSD

Approaching ENNK

Descending into LOWI Innsbruck

Climbing out over LOWI

Phenom close up



As Always   - All participants are ONLY allowed 1 image if you post more than one - ONLY the first entry will be judged and the others deleted.


Users are allowed to change their posted image up until the time frame allowing you to do so expires.  If you fail to post an image based on the theme of the month, it is very likely that the image will not be considered during "judgment day".  




Good Luck to ALL participants!!!


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Sorry guys, this time I can't show you a whale or a giant turtle.
But thanks to fantastic satellite and aerial photos we can now identify small objects like a frog.


Goose meets frog (Seychelles)


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On 8/17/2019 at 7:35 PM, nilo4 said:

Day of sightseeing in Duxford.


And the winner of the August Screenshot contest in Nilo4 - Congratulations!!


Well framed shot, with a low pass over the field while making shallow bank to the left - not the best atmosphere for an airshow :D


Email to follow shortly

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