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Airport Geneo XP reviewed by Flightsim.com

Mathijs Kok

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Extensive and detailed review as always by Paul https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?19556-Review-Aerosoft-Airport-Genoa-XP/view/1

He concludes: "

This was a scenery I really enjoyed as it had pretty much everything to keep me entertained; a great location, well modelled objects and textures, a large area to explore, plus good performance. The only things letting it down, were the orthos used and (again), the lack of 3D people. Considering this is something I have mentioned previously in reviews, I'm surprise that Aerosoft haven't done anything to remedy it. Having 3D models of people at an airport, automatically helps bring a scenery to life, and their absence, only detracts from this.

So to sum up, Aerosoft's Genoa Airport is, even with the two issues mentioned above, one of their best X-Plane sceneries to date and one that comes recommended! I really enjoyed my time at Genoa and I'm certain you will too.








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