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MCDU Problem to Loadsheet Instant Load Option

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Hi Folks, I have being going through some trouble with the MDCU to use the (Instant Load Option R3) during Data Load up and also with the (Fuel Upload R4option). After preparing and Exit from the Load Planner and once I have selected L6 to upload the data, it loads into the MCDU without problems however, when selecting the (GSX refueling option) and the tanker it's ready in position the message to use the aircraft fueling system appears on the splash screen, I then selected the "Instant Load R3" and nothing happens. This same problem happens when selected "Fuel" option and nothings takes place as well. This goes on for approximately 45 minutes and all of the sudden the tanker departs while Boarding Time. Furthermore, I have also noticed that while using the PMDG NGX 737 during refueling ops that the man figure elevates from the tanker bridge and suspended on the air while fueling. Any remedies to fix this deficiency?






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Only for version

at the moment best is to follow next procedure.


Solution 1: Difference is big enough and the time for the "GSX fuel bus" to start fueling is sufficient

1) MCDU Loadsheet is done.

  a) Click "Load Fuel"

       Wait until "Act fuel" increases.

  b) Select  "GSX refueling"


Now you you have to wait for the fuel bus, while the Airbus Fuel increases.

If the fuel bus is ready for refueling and the Act Fuel is below wanted Fuel it works


The problem is at the moment you select "GSX refueling" the "Load Fuel" button is disabled.

You can with the option "GSX reset position" reset GSX --- and immediately the MCDU "Load Fuel" button is working again !


Solution 2: The difference is to small ( Load fuel is ready before the GSX fuel bus is at the plane)



1) MCDU Load and fuel

     - Look at the "Act. Fuel" value

     - Look at the Fuel value

    e.g. Act Fuel = 4.5 and Fuel = 6.0 the difference is to small.


  - Set the MCDU Fuel to a value like 2.0 or 0.0 kg

  - Click "Load Fuel" or "Instant Fuel"

     Airbus Act. Fuel decreases

  - Set the MCDU Fuel back to the needed fuel.

  - Click "Load Fuel" again.

     Wait until "Act. Fuel" increases.

   - Select  "GSX refueling"



Hope it helps until the next version.



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problem is known that the fueling via GSX is delayed by a few minutes.

But it got nothing to do with what happens in the 737. 

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