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Airspeed issue

William G

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For the last several flights I have had a non functioning airspeed indicator.

I  made sure I have removed the pitot tube cover, confirming in external view that it goes away.

I have not turned on the pitot tube heat on the ground, and turning it on once airborne does not fix the airspeed indicator.

I have had previous flights where it worked as expected so I can't figure out why it no longer works.

every thing is marked good on the shift-2 condition page.

It has continued to do this through a couple of simulator/ computer  restarts

I am using FSX steam

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I found that the SP-ASR version's airspeed indicator works fine.

I would not be be surprised if the other flights I mentioned that worked were in this version so the issue is with the regular version.

I notice the SP-ASR is better on other areas such as more accurate Idle RPM and so forth.

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I decided to take a more scientific approach, since before I had been using RW weather and what ever temps that gave me with the resulting inconsistent results


I can confirm it is icing and given enough time  the pitot heat does restore the ASI function, It just takes much longer than I have been used to in the past.


Other aircraft may be the same but since there is no issue with turning the pitot heat on immediately after start I never ran into this before. in future I will not be quite as stingy with it's use on the ground.

Thanks for your time, sorry to have troubled you     WG


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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