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Brake bug


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I have been experiencing a problem for a long time.

Sometimes when I setup a flight and I am at last ready to release the parking brake to start rolling, the brake is still on. 

Nothing will help it except changing aircraft to a non an-2. Change back and the problem persists. The only way to make it dissappear is to restart FSX.


When this problem occurs, the brakepressure indicator shows zero pressure and the normal braking features of this aircraft seem to still work as normal. 

Except it is being overwritten by something else (I see the red BRAKE symbol at the bottom left corner). Brake disarm-switch does not help. 


I am not sure what triggers this problem. Most times I load in on the ground cold and dark and there are no issues. But after I have e.g. changed the payload in the payload menu or any menu and come back, the problem has appeared.


I am running FSX windows 10.




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Hello again!


I think I found the reason.

I overlooked the wheel chockes.

I must have sometimes forgotten to remove them, embarrassing!


If the problem occurs again without wheel chockes I'll let you know.


(I already was surprised at no other people with my issue...)






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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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