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Suggestion on Recent Airports/Planes

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Could you add a "recent list" so I can quickly chose from my my most frequent visited (or favourites even) airports and AC? Even better would be a 'chose from custom scenery airports'. This would be so handy as I can never remember all the areas I own.


It seems like such a small thing but would so much.


Also a button or default that selected an appropriate random Gate or Parking area would be very nice. 



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Very good idea. Recent Airport with Gate / Parking?

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Yes, exactly.. I notice you actually do have the Search Addon checkbox already there but I hadn't noticed that.


The way I use it (and I guess others might be different) is I have a few different Profiles. Airline Europe / GA FTX England / GA True Earth.


Within each profile I then will customise the situation, Location and Aircraft. 


If I had access to the source code (dev too! 😊) I would make this bit as easy as possible directly from the front screen, so somehow see in the drop down my top 5/10 most frequent Locations/Aircraft from this profile (or whole application) would appear at the top (maybe above a separator).



As I am really lazy I don't like opening the location screen so maybe here a drop down on the front page could have the last 10 Airports at the top (again above a separator). Below that 10 I would see header menuItems for Addon Aiports maybe EG / LO / LF / LP / K (only showing the codes for regions the user has Addon scenery for) then under each of those like EGGK - Gatwick etc (again ordered by usage descending - if never selected alphabetical below a separator).


I would probably build and cache the Addon List from the currnetly selected Scenery Sets in the current profile.


If you click on any of these menu locations it picks a random appropriate sized Gate (or parking for GA aircraft) or the last one it remembered you picking for that Type/Location/Plane. 


Not sure how feasible this all is but I know I would use many more of the Airports / AC I have as it would be easy to navigate and select.


If I did decide to open the Location screen I would like the ICAO text box to have auto complete (with airport name EGGK - Gatwick in the auto compelte) with recent codes also present when I simply click into the box or the drop down triangle (like the Windows Run box recents list). The same control could be used for Name etc.

Maybe the grid could default to most frequently used ICAO codes descending when nothing is in the top filter?


When I select a Location I would like it to try and pick a recent or random gate appropriate for that plane, it would be nice to have the gate defaulted for me. I wonder can you detect what airline it is and match it that way, probably not. Maybe just clicking OK without selecting a Gate causes it to auto pick? 



Similarly for Aircraft I have 100s and the one I use most is near the bottom, its annoying! 


It would be great to have a better selection process 2 things came to mind :

1. Update the drop down to have Submenus split by Type / Variant/Paint Job (or configurable to things like Developer/Type - Variant, Developer /Most used Variant)

2. Ordering each level descending by usage within the profile/app


So the top level menu items in my ideal world would be Types ordered by usage descending in that profile, e.g A319, A318, B737, B747, T717, .. then under A319 I would see all variants with frequently used ones at the top e.g G-EASX - Easyjet, F-GUGA Air France etc.


Perhaps some people would prefer Developer -> Variant but maybe that could be configurable.


I would like to say this is a fantastic program so thought I would share you some of these ideas.



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