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Mathijs Kok

Chania, Crete preview

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8 hours ago, SX-AKO said:

Just to add, that because the security rules were more lenient in the 1990s, the airport had open space on the 1st floor where people could wait for the arrival of the airplanes with clear unobstructed view of the apron and the airport.


I remember to love waiting there for the planes and the chance to see F16s ( not sure) taking off.



True story!

However, the aircrafts flying back then were not F-16s 🙂 



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As promised the last photo.

The black label that was hidden writes: "WARNING. TAKE OFF IN 100M FM NET BARRIERS". 



The airport is equipped with an ARRESTOR BARRIER SYSTEM on runway 29. 

The label warns the pilots that they must taxi at least 100 meters on the runway before powering their aircraft for take off.

This will prevent the engine exhaust gases to damage the system which is placed on the threshold of runway.

Another small label which writes "100 METERS" indicates the conceivable line beyond which full power can be set. This label lies on the left of runway 29 and is also depicted in the scenery. 


Some last details:

Apart from the Arrestor Barrier System there are a few more objects along the path of the main runway.

So, remaining runway distance labels, the old Ground Control Approach system and two arresting systems are present.

Finally, an ILS system has been recently installed on the airport for runway 29. However, this system is not operational yet. That is the reason why you will find the objects there but not an ILS frequency.


When it becomes operational, it will certainly lead to an update for this scenery which will be released in a few hours!!



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