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Hello! Any news on this one?

Summer schedules are full of this airport and I am very much looking forward to this one :)))


Best reagrds

Marek Mysior

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Holding out to see what this version brings even though Justsim have released their version.


Do we have a rough finish time for this version?

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Hello is it going to be compatible with Real World Scenery Greece sattelite imaginery?Also can you tell me if you can please make KALAMATA LGKL and Preveza/Aktion LGPZ?

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Some more images....


More tomorrow.


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-51-35.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-52-01.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-52-32.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-53-06.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-53-32.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-53-58.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-54-19.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-54-33.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-46-06.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-47-40.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-47-58.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-48-27.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-48-39.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-50-32.jpg

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It's really a pity that the company without its headquarters was once again faster with their quick shots and that their German branch also announced that they had sent this plant into production at the end of June, after the developer of this addon showed here announced on June 18th that there will be news soon.

Even more uncooperative is not possible. It's sad that you can fish the first customers on this tour, because quality is obviously no longer in demand and doesn't wait at all.


The pictures here show the work and love. Unfortunately something like this doesn't seem to be rewarded anymore.





Es ist wirklich schade, dass die "Abfischertruppe " ohne Firmensitz mit ihren grottigen Schnellschüssen wieder mal schneller war und ihr deutscher Ableger auch noch mitteilt, dass sie dieses Werk Ende Juni in die Produktion geschickt haben, nachdem am 18. Juni der Entwickler dieses hier gezeigten Addons mitteilte , da es bald Neues gibt.

Noch unkollegialer geht nicht. Es ist traurig , dass man auf diese Tour die Erstkunden abfischten kann, weil Qualität offensichtlich nicht mehr gefragt ist und warten gleich gar nicht.


Den Bildern hier sieht man die Arbeit und Liebe an. Leider scheint so etwas nicht mehr belohnt zu werden.

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We are never very afraid of competition. If a product of the competitor is better  we must do better, if ours is clearly better we believe customers will make the right decision.  What we will always try to do is announce our products as early as possible.

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Mathijs, do You have anything more than yesterday?


Now, the question is how long we should wait for release of this scenery. 

Having LGSA scenery is very important to me, and I need to know when this version will be out. This would be a base for my decision which scenery to choose. 


Best regards

Marek Mysior

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As promised more images!


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-59-00.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-59-13.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-59-51.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-00-02.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-00-23.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-01-31.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-01-37.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-02-10.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-02-30.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-02-40.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-04-14.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 19-58-52.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-53-07.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-56-24.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-56-31.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-56-46.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-54-49.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-55-10.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-56-03.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-56-57.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-57-59.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 18-58-10.jpg

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Well, at least thanks to this discussion about the release of the competitor resulted in myself getting aware of this product here. And simply by looking at the screenshots, the choice is rather easy ;-) I wait for this product here, the other rubbish is not even worth any further mentioning...

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Ver very nice!

It looks like an immediately release. How much is the size of the scenery?



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29 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

Will find out.



And also what is an estimated release time?

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And the last set of images...


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-05-36.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-07-05.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-08-33.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-09-47.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-10-00.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-10-40.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-11-07.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-12-09.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-12-53.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-13-28.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-14-54.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-21-15.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-21-27.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-57-41.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-59-04.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 20-59-27.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-00-55.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-02-51.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-03-13.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-03-30.jpg


Prepar3D 2019-07-14 21-05-18.jpg


And that, my friends, is why we do not fear competition for this airport.


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And that is why I start to be really impatient. 😝

This looks amazing! Looking forward for rapid release!

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Looks wonderfull. I'm waiting for this airport since  20 years. Two weeks ago I did a photoshoot of the civilian terminal to improve the default Gateway X-Plane airport. At that time I didn't know it was coming in Flight sim.  I'd love to see this converted for X-Plane. Note that this is the first time ever that I made such a wish on a forum..

I love how the mesh is reworking the whole Suda peninsula. Great !

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