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PFPX Flightplan and ATC vectoring

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Actually I dont know if this is a problem, or if it is me doing something wrong.


I have no problem making and exporting a PFPX-flightplan in to P3dv4.4. When I load the flight plan in P3d it seems okey, the route is correct in the map. When I load it in the fmc of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional it loads okey and everything looks fine on the screens. I get a clearance from ATC which is to the correct airport.


However, up in the air, almost immediately after take off ATC give me headings that dont match the flightpath. It seems to want me to fly more of a direct route to the other airport, and since I dont get the message "resume own navigation", I have to fly the heading given, otherwise ATC protests constantly about my heading... It is like ATC doesnt recognize the flight plan. I have noticed this on all flights planned with PFPX.


When I load the PFPX flight plan in P3d, should I save it with another name in P3d or should I not touch the plan at all?


AIRAC is updated with NavDataPro.


I am using the native P3d ATC.


Anyone here has any clues?


Best regards


Jan Jönsson

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Has ATC assigned you the same runway with its associated SID as planned and exported by PFPX ?

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Can you request the planned runway, I have no idea with default ATC.


Alternatively re-plan and export using the assigned runway, but you could chase in circles if winds are variable.


Another option is to plan without the SID at all.


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Doesnt seem to anything to do with that. Get the feeling the ATC just ignores the route and makes it a direct route instead between the airports. I will try and see what happends if I enter it manually.

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Have you downloaded the route into P3D as well as the aircraft. You must also contact clearance delivery and activate the flight plan. If the waypoints don't exist in the P3D database it will not use these either.

Larry Isenor

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Hi! The "problem" seems to be on my side entirely. I have often missed the first waypoint in the flight plan since it has been so close to the departure airport. This seems to confuse ATC. Now when I know about this and always make sure not to miss the first waypoint, everything seems to work fine. Thank you for your replies and sorry for my incompetence...

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Consider to fly with online ATC from VATSIM. This REALLY will improve the realism of your flights. And you get rid of the default ATC, which really does strange things.





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I assume you loaded the flightplan (your flightplan created with PFPX and entered in your aircraft) into the P3D Flight Planner?

Then you got clearance for your IFR flight?


You can ignore the directions given from ATC in the first 1-2 legs of your flight. Just follow your FMC computed plan. You will stay close enough to the planned route that it will not abort the IFR flight. But you should folllow the altitudes given from ATC. There it seems to be more sensitive for deviations.


Only in the approach phase, the vectors from ATC can lead far away from the computed FMC route. I fly this then with "selected" settings in the Airbus.


I plan my flight, load it with the P3D Flight Planner, program the MCDU and take off. I follow the altitude steps from ATC, but i follow the lateral path from my MCDU. When coming to the arrival ATC area, i follow fully the ATC until touchdown. Works fine.

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