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New user getting started question.

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 Hello y'all,


 I just got SimStarter NG today and got it installed and updated (I Noted the user files directory and made a backup), I do however get a message when I start SS:NG that tells me to uncheck my AI Traffic? or the app will (can) take several minutes to start up.


But what if I want to fly with my AI traffic?


I'm confused, as it is now my P3Dv4 starts UTL automatically and it does take a minute or 2 to load, BUT, I like to fly with UTL's traffic.


 If I uncheck UTL will SS:NG not load my Ultimate traffic Live when the sim starts?


I have yet to run across this in the manual, so I'm just wondering what I should do with this warning? 




SimStarter Note.jpg

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No, this is for the Start Dialog where you can choose with which Aircraft you want to fly. Therefore SSNG searches the SimObjects folder for aircraft to start with. As AI tools come with hundreds of aircraft, which you can not fly with, it is recommended to tell SSNG to skip such folders, to prevent long loading times.

It has no side effect on AI Traffic itself. Please have a look at the manual, chapter 7.1.3

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