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Aerosoft have anything to do with new MSFS?

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Hi Community,


Hope all is well, just looking at various comments and one in particular by Mr Kok I am inclined to believe him when he says he has nothing to say or comment because I don't think Aerosoft are involved at all. 

The reason I don't believe they are involved is because in the video it shows an A320 Neo, Aerosoft have neither announced nor mentioned one in development or have produced one for any platform. They have their hands full with the A330 and A320 family but not the NEO. Also we know that ASOBO Studios are involved somehow in the development and although a French firm have their own sources I am sure based on the fact they are near Toulouse!


The AS on the planes stands most likely for ASOBO & Microsoft Game Studios partnership.


Food for thought but Aerosoft are most likely NOT involved yet and know as much as you and I.


Kind regards



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3 hours ago, funkyaz77 said:

They have their hands full with the A330 and A320 family 


We sure have, but of course we have 9 development teams that are not at all involved with the airbus project. From teams working on Xbox games, via X-Plane convertions to scenery developers. But still no comment from us, sorry. 

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well, they said it will be like FSX standards, so third party addons will be accepted. I think is too soon to have conclusions. But i hope aerosoft and other developers will have opportunnites in that new market depending on how this simulator is used by the community and if it offers a strong market.

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Well, I don't want to be out of line here but I was certainly hoping that the AS in AS-MSG stood for Aerosoft - as far as I am concerned that could only be good news.


Also, in the "being pedantic/keeping hope alive" mode, saying you cannot comment is not the same as saying you have nothing to do with it. Just compare and contrast what ORBX have said ("We knew nothing about this until it was announced") with what Aerosoft has said ("We absolutely cannot comment") - I am paraphrasing in both cases but you get the gist.


After all, MS has said something about working with people in the industry so surely there must be some well known developers on board.


Here's hoping!



Thanks for readin'

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Asked and answered by Mathijs (2x), so until Aerosoft has anything more to say formally, speculation here on the commercial support forum serves no useful purpose.


I also edited the title to make it a question and so it doesn't look like a factual statement.


Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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