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Performance Issue with CRJ 700/900

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I have an issue that I have been trying to solve for several months. As you can see in my signature my computer

is not a particularly low end but it is not high end either.


I fly a number of add on aircraft besides the CRJ and do not experience any of the problems that

I have with the CRJ. I fly all of the iFly 737/747 aircraft, as well as the Majestic Q400, several Carenado

planes, a couple of A2A planes and several of the P3D default planes.


What I am experiencing is when I load the CRJ into any airport either add on or default my initial fps are 

in the mid 20's. My CPU is in the 40-50% usage range and my GPU is below 10% usage. I might add that my

other add on planes are in this area of CPU usage but the GPU usage is 30-40%

When I load up I always cycle the plane from "Ready to Taxi" to "Cold and Dark"

I then proceed to go thru the check list and make my plane ready for flight.

By the time I am ready to taxi my fps is down to 8-10 with the CPU and GPU usage still the same.

After take off there is little or no improvement in fps but the sim seems to be pretty smooth with

just a slight stutter every now and then.

The big issue is if I turn on the weather radar then the stutters become more pronounced and last

1 or 2 seconds at a time and the fps drops to 4-5.


I have tried more slider combinations than I can even list all the way from default to full max and

every combination in between and I see no improvement in the performance of this plane.


I have searched over and over again for what may be causing this issue and why it only effects your

plane and none of my other add on planes. I REPEAT I have no fps issues with any other aircraft but

the Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 plane.


I would appreciate any feedback as to why this may be happening.

Is it my setup? Why would it not effect my other planes?

My sim settings? They are the same for my other planes.

My Scenery? I use the same for all my other planes.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled this plane more times than I can remember as well as

re-downloading more than once.


I just would like to find some kind of explanation as to this issue and look forward

to seeing the comments and suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your help.




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@Smokeywood some additional Q:

1. Did you had this issue also before upgrading to P3D v4.5?

2. Are you running 4.5.11 or 4.5.12?

3. What CRJ version do you have


Your GPU is slightly better than mine and I think your CPU should also outperform mine.

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I did have the same issue when I was running P3D v 4.4 and I am sure I am running

4.5.12 as it is the version that was with the hotfix and my CRJ is v

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vor 3 Stunden , Smokeywood sagte:

I did have the same issue when I was running P3D v 4.4 

This rules out that it's a P3D v4.5 issue...


Well, I can only try to troubleshoot with you on this since IMHO you should be on par (or slightly above) with my config and I never get so bad FPS as you describe above (and also fly the FSL...). Also, unfortunately, I fly none of the ACFT you have so can't realy compare them but the FSL should be kind of a resource hog.


Following things come in mind:

1. Have you tried to reinstall the CRJ?

2. What weather / cloud addons do you use?

3. Did you upgrade to 4.4 also with client only? Did you delete the CFG and the shaders after update?

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As I stated in my original post I have uninstalled and reinstalled this plane multiple

times. I also stated that I updated the client only.

I always delete the cfg and shaders after each modification.

I have tried turning off all weather and that makes no difference in performance



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vor 9 Stunden , Smokeywood sagte:

I also stated that I updated the client only.


I asked about v4.4 not 4.5! I asked this because several users update Client only starting from 4.0 up to 4.5.12 and if I remember correctly, some of them started to have bad performance or something not working right. I can't tell if it's the CRJ, P3D or a "wrong" update procedure but the problems were gone with a full P3D uninstall / reinstall.


Can you list some of your addons that are not aircraft?

Can you say the display resolution you play?


I repeat: I have realy no idea what could cause you those issues but since nobody jumps in this thread I would suggest you to start from scratch and find your culprit.

1. Disable all XML Addon's

2. Disable Scenery entries that are not in XML

3. Revert your textures / shaders / etc

4. Revert P3D Display config to default

-Try out the CRJ-


5. If none of the above work, then you could try P3D "Delete generated files" option (but make backups of those files first)

-Try out the CRJ-


6. If that didn't do the trick then nothing else remains but to uninstall P3D completely and try a full reinstall.



Other things to take into account:

Looking at some benchmarks it seams that your CPU is little less single core effective than mine.

You say your CPU is in 40-50% load and I'm guessing you are talking about the overall load. If yes then this is perfectly normal!

Be aware that Windows can display the load of every single Core and Logical Core in Task manager. Switching to that view you should see Core 1 mostly at 100%...



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I have preformed all of these steps trying to troubleshoot this problem

long before I made my post here in this forum.


When I updated my computer I installed 2 SSD 1GB hard drives and installed

my operating system on one and the other has a fresh clean install of P3D

and only programs and scenery that are connected to flight sim.


There is no misc programs or junk on the one SSD drive that contains flight sim.


To uninstall P3D and all of my scenery and addons just to TRY and see if that

fixes the issue with the CRJ when I have a host of other nice planes that I can

fly with out any issues is not something that I am willing to do at this point.


I have kind of come to the conclusion that there is something in the way

the CRJ is programed that the AMD processor does not handle the same

way as an intel processor does and that it  may be what is causing the



I appreciate the suggestions and if anyone else has an opinion please

let me know.



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I doubt that there's a significant difference between AMD and Intel on such a high-level. If the CRJ was coded in assembly language it might be possible. But it's standard C/C++ and that's optimized for both AMD and Intel by the compiler. I'm pretty sure that's not the reason.

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And I do not see any difference between my AMD and Intel systems that both are about as fast.

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