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Hi got a slight problem with the holding speeds .. i want it to hold over LAM at 220 knots .. it calcs a holding speed of 186 so i dial in 220 knots but the Airbus wants to follow the HOLD drawn based on 186 so the turns are over done a little (would expect the hold to be adjusted for my set speed) ... if i leave it at 186 it flys it fine , Do real world Airbus Pilots fly the computed speed in the hold then adjust it when leaving? or is this a slight bug?

In the pic below i have just left it in managed mode and it flys fine .. if i dial in 220k then it starts to over cook the turns and come back on its self

Thanks Aerosoft




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Now Holding at 220 Knots .. the hold is still drawn for 186knots so the Airbus has trouble following the hold and over does the turn ...the hold should be wider as you are going faster .


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still think the holding speeds are a little to low for the A320 IAE .. i heard its Green dot +20 ..which should put it in the 220 knot range for my GW


When no specific speed limit applies, the default hold speed is approximately equal to:
-Green Dot speed on the A318, A319, A320 (CFM) and A321
-Green Dot + 20 kt for altitude lower than 20 000 ft, on the A320 (IAE).
-Green Dot + 5 kt for altitude bigger than 20 000 ft, on the A320 (IAE)."







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