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Neue Beta-Version XP11.35b1 zum Download freigegeben.

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Moin Zusammen,


mit dem XP11-Installer kann die neue Beta-Version v11.35b1 runtergeladen (ca. 540 MB) werden. Infos dazu gibt es hier, ansonsten in der XP Knowledge Base in Kürze.




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Hallo Horst,


vielen Dank für die Info!




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Hier kann man die Release Notes nachlesen:

Beta 1

  • XPD-7915 Fix for crash in ATC when AI goes off end of route.
  • XPD-8020 UDP RREF dataref reportage is inconsistent.
  • XPD-8106 Weather screen temp based on sea level not airport.
  • XPD-8224 Removed duplicates in the command bindings UI.
  • XPD-8424 MD-82 idle is wrong.
  • XPD-8518, XPD-8839, XPD-8876, XPD-9422, XPD-9962 Fixes to metar.rwx interpretation.
  • XPD-8715 Reverser failure issue.
  • XPD-8942 DataRefs.txt file description error.
  • XPD-9193 Turn and bank indicator limited on Aerolite 103.
  • XPD-9531 C172 stalls way too early now.
  • XPD-9670 Drop down left behind if ATC window closed via menu icon.
  • XPD-9709 Aerolite flaps break when fully extended, even when aircraft is parked.
  • XPD-9743 Option to assign keyboard shortcuts to pop out g530.
  • XPD-9861 Errors in MD-80 POH.
  • XPD-9917 SF50 VR pilot view is in the dash.
  • XPD-9937 ATC Phonetic Constructs corrections.
  • XPD-9970 ATC Callsign Change.
  • XPD-9981 B738: APU EGT levels and availability don’t match the real aircraft.
  • XPD-9982 B738: Battery switch and guard mismatch.
  • XPD-10030 C90B: audio panel COM selection, marker selection not working.
  • XPD-10032 Cirrus type changed to cumulus in metar.rwx.
  • XPD-10034 FCS-65 climb and descend modes not working.
  • XPD-10050 Crash using FMS near an airport that has no runways.
  • XPD-10052 AreaFlood_HighMast.obj not showing in x-plane.
  • XPD-10057 Satellite misspelled in Map.
  • XPD-10064 Serial Port Yoke Restricted/Stuck Movement.
  • XPD-10069 Problems with G1000 popout.
  • XPD-10070 No Buildings at LOWI & KSEA.
  • XPD-10074 Jet engine high idle and lo idle – cannot write to dref.
  • XPD-10080 All airports are marked as 3-D.
  • XPD-10087 Default King Air C90 – duplicate texture problem.
  • XPD-10088 C172 flaps 40 degrees in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-10094 KCLT missing from 11.33 Gateway export.
  • XPD-10100 Outdated airport names in ATC spreadsheet.
  • XPD-10106 ASK total energy fix.
  • XPD-10130 Fix crash when control pad disconnects.

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Soweit ich in anderen Foren gelesen habe, gibt es u. a. Probleme mit dem ToLiss A319 (nach dem Laden schließt sich XP11 mit einem Fehler). Man sollte also warten, bis diese gelöst sind. In der 11.35b2 ist der Fehler noch nicht behoben.

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Die Fehler werden vielleicht durch die neue Beta XP11.35b3 behoben.


Hier die Änderungen:

Bug fixes

Beta 3

  • XPD-9928 Fix reference to classic locale.
  • XPD-10049 Fixed carrier starts for seaplanes.
  • XPD-10084 Fix for Weather Data Over UDP Incorrect for Negative Lat/Lon.
  • XPD-10137 Fix grunge obj has no texture.
  • XPD-10141 Fix crash when multiplayer ACF has drag chute.
  • XPD-10146 Static aircraft were not parsed.
  • XPD-10151 Issue fixed with JARDesign 320 and 330.
  • XPD-10159 CG_indicator dataref broken.
  • XPD-10164 Don’t notify plugins on pseudo-ACF used for only UI.
  • XPD-10165 EDLP runway length for AI traffic.

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Ja, mit der neuen Version 11.35b3 ist das Problem mit dem ToLiss A319 behoben.

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