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Aerosoft A318/A319/A320/A321 Checklist


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This file is a checklist for the A318/A319/A320/A321 made into a format that I really like when first learning a new aircraft. The format that inspired by Carsten Rau at this is at this link:




and I want to make clear that I claim no credit for this format or the sequencing which was mostly used from this link by CathayA340 Flight Simulation with some modification:




I do really recommend this for people that want to learn positions of switches etc. and the base of the procedures. Also great for people who have been flying for a while and know the aircraft as well. If anyone wants me to do another for a different aircraft or something then let me know.


Finally, you may have noticed a flow procedure in the end of the PMDG 737 checklist (First link) at the end, if anyone knows where a similar one is for this aircraft and wants me to add it in, let me know.




A320 Checklist.pdf

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2 hours ago, Nickos Mere said:

Hello. Is there any normal A320neo checklist available to download?

Answered in your other post. In the future, please don't double post or hitch-hike on an unrelated post.

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