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Updated to newest version GSX fuel still issue

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Just installed latest newest update for the bus. 

Loaded my plane at gate. Went to fuel / pass / Cargo site MCDU 3.

-Init load sheet (says 15 tons fuel)


Already have 2 tons in tanks.


Then I request fuel truck.

it arrives - my MCDU3 fuel starts count - and then….. Fuel truck starts count and again stops very early, this time at 40..

Do I something wrong ?


GSX settings or something else ?



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Did you set GSX to recognize the aircrafts fueling system?

And please post a screenshot of what you see.

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Think I found the issue.

The APU.

If the APU is running before the fuel starts or if I starts APU under fueling - The fuel trucks counter stops and drive away.


In real may the APU not be on when fueling ?


Now tried a lot without APU on and the Fuel truck does it in the correct way :)

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The only limitation for APU start during refueling process is:



Applicable to: ALL

During refuel/defuel procedures, APU starts or shutdown are permitted with the following restrictions:

‐ If the APU failed to start or following an automatic APU shutdown, do not start the APU

‐ If a fuel spill occurs, perform a normal APU shutdown.

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Thanks for the report. We'll get this fixed for the next experimental update.

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