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Cpt Bambi

Navdata pro, Quality wings 757 p3dv4?

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Hi, Quality wings have released the p3dv4 version of their 757, i want to update its airac data but the p3dv4 version of the 757 isn't listed in Navdata pro, only v2 and v3, will it be updated or is there another way to do it?



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Mmmmm... sorry there was no reply, think I forgot to hand this over before going on a break. Have now asked the Project Manager.

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Why i am not surpriced? The same problem consists of the QualityWings 787! It seems to me, that is a general problem by QualityWings and Prepare3d v4! As I said before, tomorrow Aerosoft get a call from me.....


Have a nice sunday

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