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Approaching Dortmund

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I have V1.20 and i have an issue with AI traffic.

None show up at the stands

I have tried default traffic and AIG with the same result.

I have AS EDDF installed and AIG works just fine AI everywhere.

Any help appreciated thx.




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Yes i did

Ground Traffic AESLite is used in this scenery for displaying traffic on the aprons and the airport surroundings. To avoid collision between our AESLite traffic and the default ground traffic of P3D we recommend to switch off the default ground traffic by setting the slider „Airport vehicle density“ to its left-most position


I checked the scenery files and all that are associated with AESLite are turned off

Like i mean i have a large collection of airports and there all populated with ai. EDLW does not want to play ball.

But as the manual says if i read correctly that i have to move the slider all the way left which tells me then i will see AI at EDLW but none at other airports.

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The AESlite and the related note is only related to the apron vehicle traffic and has nothing to do with AI aircrafts.

Are you sure, that your AIG traffic addon has flightplans form/to EDLW?

EDDF could not compared with EDLW in traffic density.

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