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3 hours ago, magna91 said:

Good evening,
What are the buttons to open the popups of the three MCDU?




Hello my friend.  Have you looked in the documentation? 


Please understand that this is not intended as a "RTFM" type response, but at the same time we did spend many hours thus far on the documentation so that people could get instant answers.  In some cases we're still updating the documentation to reflect the changes we've implemented since release, but most of the documentation is correct including this function.


The documentation are all PDF files, thus they are not only searchable using the Control-F command in Adobe Acrobat, but you can also use the Shift-Control-F command to search all PDF files in the same folder all at the same time.


Example:  To find the answer to your question, I searched for "2D" (I could have also searched for "settings" or "MCDU") and found the answer to your question located in Volume 1, Page 19.



Best wishes!


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