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Heathrow P3D V1.10 SODE can't find files?

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I Note that it has in a place NOT ADVISABLE the scenery, AEROSOFT does not install it inside the folder Prepar, if not within the folder DOCUMENTS. Look at my installation. Maybe These are the problems, AEROSOFT all the latest installs creates a folder in DOCUMENTS and that is where it installs Aircrafts, Scenerys, Apps, etc....



The folder (1) to find it has to be pre-activated (2) in the Windows File Explorer.

The Sode is INSTALLED here.


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If everything is installed correctly you would have to have it in.... 12bPilot  SODE

In the XML folder....


And in the folder SimObjects....


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Hmmm strange, I mean. Their Readme file for installing SODE's tell you to place it in the airports folders, to which I have done. I also own other airports done by them and added the SODE file into the airports folders and it all works okay. For some reason, it seems that the EGLL SODE addon is the only one that's not working.

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