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CTD on Scenario Open

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Starting with the update, I've been noticing a "silent" and immediate CTD when loading a saved flight.  It happens after I've already loaded normally using the Airbus (and with no problems) but then go to open a saved flight, which in all cases I've tried was saved using the same plane.  Upon "OKing" the load scenario dialog, P3D4 will instantly bomb out to the desktop without a trace.  For background, I've typically tried this (and in the past it has worked) after landing where sometimes I like to revert back to an FSUIPC autosave of the just-completed flight to practice/reattempt the landing, especially in an interesting weather scenario.  It's not a big deal as it doesn't affect any real functionality and I can always just reload the sim and open the save file, but an occasional inconvenience nonetheless.

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This will happen with saved flights from oast versions and though it is infrequent I've also seen it happen when the saved flightplan was from an older AIRAC. It's usually not the aircraft software per se.


Can you try it without usibg the saved flight?

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have you installed WX Advantage Radar and just updated to prepar3d v 4.5 ?  Then uninstall WXAR.


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